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Holistic Paws Hemp Co

Hemp Bandana

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Introducing our new eco hemp bandana range.

- Handmade from premium organic hemp fabric that is though enough to go on adventures with your pup, with eco-friendly natural dyes and a vegan suede patch featuring our logo.

- Currently available in 4 different sizes and colours, however if there isn't a size that will fit your pup contact us and we will make you a custom bandana.

- Goes perfectly with our hemp collars and leads for a sustainable and stunning way to go on adventures with your pup. However, our feline friends love wearing them as well! 

Spray with some water and pop them in the freezer to cool your pet down on hot days. 

- Wide Collar slips for those pups with thicker collars.


Please measure your pet's neck and review our size chart to choose the best size.

Size chart 

Extra small/small: 25-28cm. Would suit most toy breeds, cats, small-medium breed puppies and kittens. Width of collar slip approx 3cm. Fits our small hemp collars

Small/medium: 38-40cm. Would suit most Beagles, Border Collies, Poodles, Kelpies and large breed puppies or large breed cats. Width of collar slip approx 3.5cm. Fits our small and large hemp collars. 

Medium/ large: 51-56cm Would suit German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Staffys and Huskies. Width of collar slip approx 6cm. Fits our large hemp collars

Large/extra large: 58-66cm Would suit Rottweilers, Great Danes, St. Bernard's. Width of collar slip approx 6.5cm. Fits our large hemp collars