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Holistic Paws Hemp Co.

Hemp Rocket Ship Rope Toy

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Blastoff in 3..2..1..

Introducing our 'Rocket Ship' Hemp Rope Toys! 

A natural, sustainable dog toy handmade in Australia with premium hemp rope. A completely chemical & plastic free alternative to mass produced dog toys that aren't made to last. 

Our Rocket Ship hemp rope toys come in 2 different sizes:

Small- approximately 22cm, perfect for puppies and small to medium sized dogs 

Large- approximately 30cm, perfect for medium to large sized dogs

As these toys are handmade they will vary slightly in length 

What makes our hemp toys so special:

  • Non-toxic with no plastic, pesticides, dyes or chemicals used
  • Environmentally friendly natural fibre that is biodegradable, compostable and uses less water to produce than cotton 
  • Anti-microbial properties with a natural aroma means your pup will be entrigued over the smell and there will be less smell causing bacteria that is left after your pup has gotten it covered in drool! 
  • Hemp rope floats, making it a great toy for water loving pups! 
  • The shape of the toy encourages chewing and is perfect for teething, tugging and fetch

Please note:

This toy will outlast many others but when it does start to degrade, just chuck it into the garden or on the compost heap. That's if your four legged friend doesn't try and dig it back up first! Either way, give it back to the Earth once you're finished with it. 

Please supervise your pet when they are using our toys. You may notice some fibres shedding with the first few uses as this is a natural product, it is completely expected and will reduce over time and use.