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Holistic Paws Hemp Co.

Kangaroo Ears Fur On

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Ready for your pup to try something different or are you just looking for a healthy treat that they will love and enjoy? 

  • Australian made supporting local farmers and businesses
  • Completely natural with no preservatives, salts, sugars, additives or binders.

Kangaroo ears are a great Australian sourced treat that will keep your dog entertained and feeling great! Feeding treats with the fur still intact provides a valuable source of insoluble fibre which is essential for digestive tract health and by improving the digestive tract, the immune system is also improved - gut health is linked to immune health in dogs just as it is in humans. 

Canine diets that are rich in fibre are used in the nutritional management of anal gland disease, diabetes, enteritis, pancreatic insufficiency and diseases affecting the large intestine. It's also a great way to add extra volume to food intake without the extra calories for those pet's needing to watch their weight. 

These ears have a soft outer (because of the fur) but fairly hard too, as well as being bendy and very chewy. These ears are suitable for all sized dogs- Mini, small and medium dogs will find them to be long lasting whereas larger sized dogs will find them nice and chewy although it probably won’t last long.

Store your treats in a cool, dry place. Know your pets eating behaviours and don't feed too much- treats should only take up to 10% of your pets daily diet.